Ward's® Economy Spectroscopes

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470105-358PK 54.15 USD
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Ward's® Economy Spectroscopes
Spectrophotometers and Photometers UV/Visible Spectrophotometers
See the spectrum of various light sources with this economical device

  • Introduces students to many properties of visible light and atomic structure
  • Diffraction grating securely housed in end cap
  • Easily adjust orientation of the spectrum by twisting the slit end cap
  • Long tube provides dark background and easy viewing angle
The Wards® economy spectroscope has been designed to produce a vivid, bright spectrum of visible light decomposed by a diffraction grating. The resulting spectrum introduces students to many properties of visible light and atomic structure. An adjustable thin slit cap rotates to produce diffraction patterns in the desired direction. The viewing cap holds the diffraction grating securely, reducing the chance of losing or damaging it between uses. The relatively long tube provides a dark background for the bright line spectrum, and allows a more direct viewing angle. The diffraction grating contains 500 lines per millimeter.