OSB™ IoT Relay Outlet

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470218-034EA 77.3 USD
OSB™ IoT Relay Outlet
Boekel Scientific introduces an easy way to connect devices that produce a digital signal to high voltage components. Connect Arduino's™, Raspberry Pi's™ or anything that has a low voltage output to a safety switched outlet. Controlling experiments has never been so easy and safe. Four outlets are provided; two in the normally off configuration and two in the normally on configuration. The outlets can be used to power pumps, lights, alarms, or whatever your experiment requires.

Two normally on and two normally off 120 volt AC output outlets
Easily control components with low voltage microcontrollers
Control wires attach with a removable terminal connector
No high voltage wiring required
Built in circuit breaker

Input Power 120 Volt AC / Max 12 Amps
Output Power 120 Volt AC / Max 12 Amps Total (4 outlets)
Outlet Detail 2 Normally Open & 2 Normally Closed
Signal Input Power 0 Volts ->Off / 3 to 48VDC ->On
Signal Input Plug 2 Pin Terminal Clock Connector (included)
Size (L x W x H) 6.0" x 4.0" x 1.5"
Weight 0.70 lbs.