Lenz's Law

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470219-408EA 70.25 USD
Lenz's Law
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The Lenz's Law Kit investigates how much force an induced magnetic field can create.

  • Kit Also Explores Faraday's Law, Magnetism, and Eddy Currents
  • Clear Plastic Frame Holds an Aluminum Tube and a Plastic Tube
  • Frame Measures Around 12.5" in Height
  • Magnets and Dynamometer 2.5N/250 g Included
  • Experiment Guide Included
It provides the tools necessary to discover concepts involving Faraday's Law, magnetism, and eddy currents in addition to Lenz's Law.

The pipes of differing materials demonstrate the magnet braking force in action as two magnets are simultaneously dropped through two different tubes. One tube is aluminum, and other is plastic. A dynamometer attaches to suspend the Lenz's Law apparatus, so students can quantitatively measure the additional force as the magnet drops through the conductive tube.