Ripple Tank Advanced with Projection Screen

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Ripple Tank Advanced with Projection Screen
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Waves and Oscillations Learning Activities
This advanced ripple tank comes complete with all accessories needed for wave investigations.
Tank is intensely illuminated by a strong light source, and synchronized with the wave generator to help students observe the wave patterns on a workgroup table.
The frame is made of reinforced plastic and with foam beaches (to negate reflections). Includes a mirror, which can be mounted at 45 degrees, to project the ripples onto a translucent screen on one side of the unit.
Each water wave acts much like a curved lens. The crest of the wave is seen as a bright region and the trough is seen as a dark region. Inside the ripple tank is a mechanical vibrator attached to a wave generator that produces either point wavelets or parallel wave fronts.
Various obstructions and barriers can be inserted into the path of the wave, such as a single slit, a double slit, or an edge.
Comes complete with all accessories needed for wave investigations
Intensely illuminated for effective student observations
Built in projection screen
Reinforced frame with foam beaches
Set includes:

(1) Vibration Generator
(1) Wave monitor unit
(1) Projection screen
(1) Wave dippers
(1) Lever arm and support
(1) Ripple tank
(1) Projection mirror
(1) Set of footers with adjustment screws
(1) Set of lucite/perspex objects