Friction Board

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Education / Teacher / Elmore, OH
Yes, I recommend
Purchased this item to give students a hands on lab/activity to see the effects of different surfaces on the motion of an object. Used it for Freshman physical science and took it too the next level with the physics class. Good price point, comes with a fair amount of supplies. I recommend it.
Reply associate Published 08/25/2017
Thank you for sharing! We're happy to hear you are enjoying, and recommending our Friction Board! We appreciate your feedback.
470219-584CS 168 USD
Friction Board
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Physics Fundamentals Learning Activities
To Study the effects of friction using 4 different surface materials on a board.

  • Introduce friction
  • Includes four surface materials
  • Instructions included
Includes surface board, hooks, and wooden blocks, with instruction manual.