Water Accelerometer

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Water Accelerometer
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Applied Physics Learning Activities
Visualize acceleration and centripetal force with this unique device.

  • Dramatic visual demonstration of accelerated vs equilibrium motion
  • Liquid surface shows relative acceleration of a moving system
  • Printed grid allows for quntitative evaluation of slope
  • Turntable provides easy method for studying rotating systems
  • Student lab sheet provided
The unit is comprised of a clear rectangular container, marked with a centimeter grid, and partially filled with water. At equilibrium, the water forms a level, horizontal line on the grid. When the device is accelerated, the slope of the water level changes, allowing a quantitative analysis of Newton’s 2nd Law. Affix to a dynamics cart to compare acceleration down an inclined plane at different angles. Or, visualize the acceleration of a half-atwood machine under different conditions. The unit can also be attached to a turntable, allowing students to study the centrifugal effects of rotation.

Ordering information: Accelerometer and turntable available separately. Unit shipped dry; water not included. Recommended: Use colored water to enhance the visual impact for a demonstration. Use a camera to accurately capture and evaluate the slope.