Ward's® Chemistry Instant Snow Demonstration

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Ward's® Chemistry Instant Snow Demonstration
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
In the Instant Snow Lab Activity, students observe the superabsorbent property of a chemical polymer.

  • NGSS Physical Science DCIs PS1 and PS2
  • Pre and Post-Laboratory Assessments
  • Estimated Class Time: 10 minutes
  • Students Observe the Super Absorbent Property of a Chemical Polymer
  • Snow Polymer and Glass Vial Provided
The teacher adds water to the powder, and it grows ten to 100 times its original size. Students' understanding of this demonstration builds the foundation for studying polymer chemistry and physical and chemical reactions.

Pre and post-laboratory assessments are provided. This experiments takes 10 minutes.

Ordering information: This kit includes snow polymer and a plastic vial. Distilled or deionized water, a balance, a tray or paper towels, and a 100mL graduated cylinder are required but not included.