Scypha Slides

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Scypha Slides
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Use Scypha slides to teach about marine life or compare and contrast animal body types

  • Identifying features clearly distinguishable
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Scypha are small, tube shaped marine calcarious sponges. They are sedentary and attach in colonies to rocks and other non-moving material in shallow seawater. Scypha typically have a diploblastic body and show a syconoid type of canal system.

We offer individual Scypha slides of:
Scypha grantia (cross section) hematoxylin & eosin- Ascon type sponge. Decalcified and stained to show the general structure of the canals and body wall.
Scypha (median- longitudinal section) h&e- Section through body and osculum. It highlights the relationship between incurrent and radial canals.
Scypha (longitudinal section) hematoxylin & eosin- Near median section shows relationship of incurrent and radial canals.
Scypha, (cross section & longitudinal section) hematoxylin & eosin- Demonstrates general structure of canals and body wall.
Scypha, thick section (cross section) hematoxylin & eosin- Thick section. Shows spicules and their relationship to canal systems.
Scypha, Spicule Strew (whole mount)- Typical forms of calcarious spicules. Unstained.