Superior Jolly Bulb Metal

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Education / Teacher / Pocatello, ID
Bulb seemed to work well, but the pressure we measured at the colder temperatures seem off and skewed our projected absolute value temperatures quite a bit. Any one else have issues?
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Superior Jolly Bulb Metal
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Properties of Matter Learning Activities in Physics
Visually impacting demonstration of the relationship between temperature and pressure.

  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • Instruction manual
  • Metal sphere to insure constant volume
A hollow metallic ball 80 mm in diameter is connected to an absolute pressure gauge. Submerging the metal ball in ice water causes pressure to drop, while submerging it in hot water increased the pressure. Utilizing several data points students can calculate the value for absolute zero.

The Superior Jolly Bulb has two scales. The inside scale measures in kPa and the outside scale measures in PSI.