Rainbow Transformation Kit

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Rainbow Transformation Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
In this colorful experiment, students will explore the biological process of bacterial transformation using vibrant chromogenic proteins.

  • Explore genetic engineering and the central dogma with this colorful experiment
  • Transform E.coli with plasmids that contain a gene for ampicillin resistance and a gene for either a blue, purple, or pink pigment
  • Select for transformed cells using LB-ampicillin plates and calculate transformation efficiency
  • Expose transformed cells to IPTG to demonstrate differential gene expression
  • Different plasmids help emphasize the concept of DNA>RNA>Protein>Trait
Students will use three recombinant plasmids to transform E.coli bacteria. The resulting E.coli will be examined for the presence of blue, purple, and pink pigments, as well as for resistance to ampicillin. Features our new enhanced transformation protocol for improved student results.

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