Basic Electronic Experiments

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Basic Electronic Experiments
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Exciting hands on way to engage students in electrical circuits and Bredboard basics.

  • How to build circuits using a breadboard
  • How all of the basic electronic components work and how to read their values
  • How to read electronic schematics
  • How to design and troubleshoot basic electronic circuits
  • How to change the performance of electronic circuits by changing component values within the circuit
Perform 50 Experiments with the included teacher guide. Each activity shows a step by step guide with illustrations to engage your students. Build an Electronic Keyboard, Electronic Kazoo, Battery Tester, Finger Touch Lamp, Burglar and Water Alarms, a Siren, a Magnetic Bridge, and a whole lot more!

No soldering or tools required other than a 9 V battery.