Texas Instruments Professional Development Workshops

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Texas Instruments Professional Development Workshops
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Over 40 on-site workshops, facilitated by T³™ Instructors, focus on addressing critical challenges facing educators today.

  • Workshops Integrated with TEKS, CCSS
  • In-Person Training
  • Hands-On Experience
  • Workshops Enhance Skills That Meet New and Emerging Math and Science Standards
These one-to-three day workshops are held on consecutive days at your school for a maximum of 25 attendees. Instructional Practice One-Day Workshop offers an introduction to classroom practices including how to identify practices in action, brief discussion and its application in the classroom, and how technology can support the practices. Instructional Practice Three-Day Workshop offers continued application of the practices along with questioning strategies, reflection time, the role of technology in all practices, and performing formative assessment to gauge student understanding.

Content Knowledge One-Day Workshop offers an introduction to classroom practices and identification of subject-support needs. Content Knowledge Three-Day workshop utilizes technology to create support documents, more in-depth content coverage based on teacher needs, and introduction to teacher software. Technology Usage One-Day Workshop offers a technology overview including general functionality for math or science learning and utilization of presentation software. Technology Usage Three-Day Workshop offers deeper coverage of technology features emphasizing classroom applications and broad subject coverage; it features additional time exploring teacher software and further technology focus based on curriculum needs. A Two-Day Workshop can be performed by simply purchasing two "1-day" workshops of your choice.