Electricity – Decimeter waves and Electromagnetic Oscillations and Waves

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Electricity – Decimeter waves and Electromagnetic Oscillations and Waves
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Three experiments involving decimeter-range waves.

  • Includes all major components
  • Radiation characteristic of a λ/2 dipole
The first experiment investigates the radiation characteristic of a λ/2 dipole for decimeter waves. Here, the receiver is aligned parallel to the transmitter and moved around the transmitter. In a second step, the receiver is rotated with respect to the transmitter in order to demonstrate the polarization of the emitted decimeter waves.

The second experiment deals with the transmission of audio-frequency signals using amplitude- modulated decimeter waves. In amplitude modulation a decimeter-wave signal is modulated through superposing of an audio-frequency signal u(t).

The third experiment demonstrates the dielectric nature of water. In water, decimeter waves of the same frequency propagate with a shorter wavelength than in air. Therefore, a receiver dipole tuned for reception of the wavelength in air is no longer adequately tuned when placed in water.

UHF wave generator
AC/DC amplifier 30 W
Screened cable BNC/4 mm plug
Broad-band speaker
Dipoles in water tank
Function generator S 12
Multimeter LDanalog 10
Connecting lead 32 A, 200 cm, black (2)
Saddle Base (3)
Connecting lead 32 A, 100 cm, black (4)