EDVOTEK Electrophoresis Power Supplies

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EDVOTEK Electrophoresis Power Supplies
Power Supplies
Powerful and economical choices to power electrophoresis units.

  • Easy-to-use power supplies available with constant or variable voltage options
  • Run your gels quickly
  • Safety features: Short circuit and loose connection detection error messages
QuadraSource™: Features an easy-to-use, fully programmable interface for setting voltage, current or timer control with each parameter displayed in real-time. Programs may be paused or resumed at any point. This unit lets you run up to four gel boxes simultaneously, and complete the run in the least time possible.

DuoSource™ 150: Includes a built-in timer, has 100 or 150 V steps while running two gel boxes simultaneously, and is now dual voltage (110 and 220 V) for international use.

DuoSource™ 75: Lets you run two gel boxes at 75 V simultaneously. This unit will run gels in 40-50 min. at 75 V.