Who Stole the Gold?

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470220-220KT 174 USD
Who Stole the Gold?
Educational Materials Environmental Educational Materials Environmental Learning Activities
Utilize Several Forensic Techniques to Solve the Crime

  • Gather evidence and compare it to the crime scene to solve the case
Your forensic team is needed to help figure out which of the four suspects is responsible for stealing the gold. Evidence collected from the scene, as well as samples from the four suspects need to be analyzed using techniques from soil and mineral analysis, document analysis, fabric and fiber analysis, blood analysis, fingerprint analysis and hair analysis.

Materials Included:
Crime scene samples: blood, soil, fabric, writing, hair
Suspect 1-4 samples: blood, soil, fabric, writing, hair
Hydrochloric acid
Universal indicator
Simulated Anti-A and Anti-B Serums
Universal indicator color charts
Plastic scoops
Mesh screens; large, small
Blood typing trays
Microscope slides and coverslips
Hand magnifiers
pH strips
Lead acetate paper
Metal forceps