Wooden Slide Cabinets

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Wooden Slide Cabinets
Microscope Slide Boxes
Store your slides securely and choose the capacity that best fits your needs.

  • Durable, attractive hardwood cabinet
  • Multiple slide capacity options to choose from
  • Can stack slides two-deep
Durable, functional hardwood cabinets with aluminum trays hold twenty 1" x 3" slides, stored flat. Trays can be removed and are deep enough to accept slides stacked two deep. Choose from cabinet capacities that fit standard sized slides. The smallest cabinet has a recessible overhead door and can be stacked for convenient storage. Doors on the larger units are hinged at the side with a piano hinge for durability and a tight fit. The larger units also contain a drawer at the bottom for storing a card index. Trays in all models are numbered sequentially. Replacement trays, without numbers, are available separately.