Identification of Chemical Reactions Lab Activity

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Identification of Chemical Reactions Lab Activity
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This activity encourages students to use deductive reasoning when analyzing unknowns.

  • Students Conduct Experiments and Identify Chemical Reactions
  • Activities Include Mixing Seven Solutions into 21 Possible Combinations to Observe Reactions
  • Purpose: to Help Students Use Deductive Reasoning & Standard Lab Procedures
  • Chemical Reactions: Color Changes, Precipitates, Gas Generation & More
  • Extension Assignment: Probable Chemical Equation of Each Reaction
Students first mix seven known solutions into any 21 possible combinations, using standard lab procedures. They then observe and make notations as to how the chemicals react.

After recording their observations, students must decide whether a chemical reaction has taken place and provide evidence to support their deductions. As an extension, students can write the probable chemical equation of each reaction.

Ordering information: This kit includes Chemplates® with spatulas, hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, potassium chromate, calcium chloride, sodium hydrogen sulfite, copper sulfate, and "unknown" solutions.