Corning Electric Distilling Apparatus

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470200-320EA 4346.36 USD
Corning Electric Distilling Apparatus
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Self-contained compact unit produces high-purity water at the rate of 1.4 liters per hour.

  • Designed to be wall mounted
  • Unit operates on 120 V, AC, has a built-in fuse and a three-wire grounded cord and plug
The distilled water drains into a 6 liter storage bottle for easy access. All surfaces exposed to water or steam are constructed of glass or other inert materials, making the unit easy to clean. The apparatus also features a cabinet with a corrosion-resistant vinyl finish. In addition, no metal parts are exposed, and a high-temperature cutoff valve automatically protects the still by shutting off power if water should drop below the operating level.

Ordering information: A shut-off valve is required but not included.