Earth History (Stories in Stone)

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Earth History (Stories in Stone)
Each day, the Colorado River carries one-half million tons of earth and rock from the high plateau where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet.

  • Displays vertebrate and invertebrate fossils
  • Covers the entire Phanerozoic eon
  • Includes information for each microslide
Over the years the river has worn deep canyons in the rock, exposing like an open book, the history of this region, revealing how it has changed over a period of 600 million years.

This set allows students to examine a few of the many kinds of fossils that have been found in the rocks like those along the Colorado River. An accompanying text folder provides the information about each microslide. Viewer available separately.

Set Includes: Fossil Algae (5X), Trilobites - left side (1/5X), Fossil Coral - right side (3X), Crinoid (1X), Echinoid (1/3X), Fossil Lead on Shale (1/5X), Ammonite (1/5X), Fossil Fish (10X) and Insect in Amber (15X).