Robotics Workshop

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Robotics Workshop
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The Robotics Workshop is a complete robotics engineering system that teaches you how to build and program your own robots.

  • Illustrated Instruction Manual Included
  • Twelve Different Robots to Create
  • Fun Introduction to Robot Design
  • Robots Can Detect and Respond to Sounds
  • Downloadable App Programs Robots for Different Commands
A 96-page, full-color manual features step-by-step illustrated building instructions and instructions for how to program and operate the models. It starts with instructions for building simple robots and explains how you can use the sensors to control the robots. You can build an ultrasound robot that can avoid obstacles, a line-tracker robot, a touch-sensor robot, and a doodling robot. The manual moves on to more complex robots that have multiple functions such as a ball-manipulating robot, a crawling robot, and a grabbing robot. Finally, you can create even more advanced robots including an automated door-opening robot and a protected robotic safe to store your valuables.

The robots can be controlled directly in real-time and programmed to perform series of commands using an easy-to-use, free downloadable app on tablets and smartphones. The app wirelessly connects to the core controller using a low-energy Bluetooth connection. You can create more complex programs using the open source visual block programming editor Google Blockly on a PC with a USB connection to the core controller. The app requires a tablet or smartphone running iOS or Android.

Ordering information: This kit includes an ultrasound, light, touch, and sound sensor. It also includes a servo motor and rotation sensor, two regular motors, a core controller with a Bluetooth and USB connection, and a speaker.