Teledyne LeCroy-WaveSurfer

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470220-554EA 14099.99 USD
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Teledyne LeCroy-WaveSurfer
The Teledyne LeCroy-WaveSurfer is a 1 GHz powerhouse of an oscilloscope.

  • Embedded Controller Designs and Debugs
  • Simple Frequency Domain Analysis with Spectrum Analyzer Mode
  • WaveSurfer 10: 10 MPTS/Ch, 20 MPTS Interleaved
  • WaveSurfer 10M: 16 MPTS/Ch, 32 MPTS Interleaved
The Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 10 is a four-channel oscilloscope with a 102/5" touch-screen display and compact form factor. The MAUI user interface makes it easy and fast to use. It also features advanced math, measurement, and debug tools that allow you to analyze problems and debug circuits quickly. MAUI, the oscilloscope user interface, is designed for touch input. All of the important oscilloscope controls can be accessed via the intuitive touch interface. Shortcuts and intuitive dialogs make setup fast. MAUI's deep set of debug and analysis tools help identify issues and find solutions rapidly.

Easy-access measurements, math and debug tools, plus a wide variety of serial data protocol decoders and active probes insure the WaveSurfer 10 can capture and analyze any type of waveform and simplify the debug process.