Neulog Geiger Counter

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470220-796EA 749.99 USD
Neulog Geiger Counter
Data Loggers
This sensor is a fast-reading probe for all types of radiation.

  • Digital Precision
  • Durable Plastic Casing
  • For Measuring Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Radiation
The NeuLog Geiger sensor measures the most common types of radiation: alpha, beta, and gamma. Counting how many ionizing events occurred in a period of time or as rate (counts per second, for example) measures the radioactivity of a sample.

Radioactivity and distance, lifetime measurements, biological radioactive markers, measuring half-lives, and radiation shielding are all possible experiments. This sensor is for educational use only.

Ordering information: The following items are needed but not included: a battery module, viewer module (not needed if connecting to a computer to display data), USB module (not needed if using as a stand-alone probe or you have the Wi-Fi module), and Wi-Fi module (not needed if connecting to a computer through the USB module). Having a battery module and a USB module is recommended.

Caution: For educational use only.