Neulog Resistance Sensor

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470220-800EA 58.99 USD
Neulog Resistance Sensor
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This sensor is a fast-reading probe that investigates Ohm's law.

  • Digital precision
  • Durable plastic casing
  • Sensor measures the current using Ohm's law
  • Maximum sample rate of 100 S/s
The sensor measures the current through the resistance and voltage on it, and its output is a resistance value. Using Ohm’s law (R = V/I), the resistance is calculated from the current and voltage values.

Electrical components resistance measurements, electrical parallel circuits, electrical series circuits and electronics are possible experiments. This sensor is for educational use only.

Ordering information: The following items are needed but not included: a battery module, viewer module (not needed if connecting to a computer to display data), USB module (not needed if using as a stand-alone probe or you have the Wi-Fi module), and Wi-Fi module (not needed if connecting to a computer through the USB module). Having a battery module and a USB module is recommended.

Caution: For educational use only.