Vernier Labquest Stream

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Vernier Labquest Stream
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This interface provides wireless connectivity for Venier probes.

  • Multi-channel sensor interface supports both wireless data collection and USB data collection for multi-platform compatibility
  • It works in the lab, the classroom, and in the field
  • Five sensor ports give you the flexibility
  • Collect and analyze sensor data wirelessly with iPad and Android devices
  • This computer interface is compatible with Windows and Mac computers via USB connection.
  • Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth® technology delivers real-time data collection with supported platforms.
  • Connect directly to a Chromebook using a USB cable. Wireless connection to Chromebooks coming in a future update to Graphical Analysis 4.
Users have multiple ways to collect data using the LabQuest Stream, which is compatible with over 50 Vernier sensors. It works as a wireless interface with our free Graphical Analysis™ apps for iOS and Android when students use tablets or other mobile devices.

It also connects to Windows and Mac computers with the provided USB cable and our Logger Pro or Logger Lite computer software. Users can collect data when using Chromebooks by connecting the LabQuest Stream to the USB cable and downloading our free Graphical Analysis for Chrome app.

With LabQuest Stream, our wireless and USB sensor interface, students have the freedom and flexibility to simultaneously collect data from multiple Vernier sensors using a mobile device, a Chromebook™, or a computer. Students can stream data directly to a mobile device using Bluetooth® connectivity rather than Wi-Fi. That's especially important for schools where network access may be limited or restricted. In addition, LabQuest Stream includes USB connectivity, which allows it to connect directly to a Chromebook or a computer when needed.

Real-time wireless data collection-up to 10000 samples per second. Rapid, real-time data collection-up to 100000 samples per second - when connected via USB. High-capacity, rechargeable battery accommodates multiple lab experiments in several classes each day. Charge the battery using an AC adapter or a USB cable. Supports digital sensors.

Accessories information: The station stores and charges four interfaces and it includes interchangeable inserts for the original LabQuest, LabQuest 2, and LabQuest Stream. Compact design efficiently uses lab bench space, with charging indicators. For educational use only.