Ward's® Whole-Mounted Hair Slides

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470183-334 470177-682 470224-140 470183-332 470183-344 470183-352 470177-684 470183-336 470183-346 470224-142 470183-342 470183-340 470224-144
Ward's® Whole-Mounted Hair Slides
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Investigate the structure of hair from various animal species.

Investigate strands of hair collected from a variety of species. Hair samples consists of the hair shaft, but no follicle. All hairs on a slide originated from the same donor, and gender is not specified.

Woolly Mammoth hair samples were recovered from 15000 year old mammoth remains in the Timyr Peninsula, Siberia, Russia.




Single Hair Type Per Slide
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470224-146 Science Olympiad Hair Slide Set
Each Retrieving
470177-134 Hair Types Slide Set
Each Retrieving