Determination of the Alkalinity of Water

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Determination of the Alkalinity of Water
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This kit allows analysts to perform a very simple titration to determine the alkalinity and the phenolphthalein of their fresh water sample.

  • Hands-on student activity
  • Students can learn to titrate in the lab or in the field
  • Activity explains water's ability to neutralize acids
  • Lab provides instructions
  • Solutions included
  • Aligned with GLOBE protocols
The titration uses an easily identifiable color transition to indicate the end of the analysis.

The kit contains everything an analyst would need to perform a water analysis either in the laboratory setting or out in the field.

Ordering information: This kit includes plastic pipettes, a reaction vessel, a collection bottle, a measuring tube, titrator, hydrochloric acid titrant, total alkalinity indicator solution, phenolphthalein indicator solution, and an instruction manual.

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