Proto-Board Workstation

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470121-168EA 665.59 USD
Proto-Board Workstation
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
A time-tested workhorse designed for all levels of electronics instruction and prototyping.

  • Ideal for analog, digital, and microprocessor circuits
  • Eight high and low buffered logic indicators
  • Eight selectable logic switches
  • Function generator with continuously variable sine, square, and triangle waveforms and TTL pulses
  • Triple-output power supply offers fixed 5 VDC supply plus two variable outputs: ±1.3 to ±15 VDC
  • Two digital pulsers
  • Audio experimentation speaker
  • Removable breadboard plate with additional plates available
Students can create and implement their own circuits onto the breadboard, which is removable for multiple student usage in lab settings. For both series and parallel circuits, it can also handle much more sophisticated multi-stage microcomputer circuits. Multiple features in one complete test instrument can save hundreds of dollars necessary when purchasing individual units. Check out the user manual for a full list of specifications.