littleBits STEAM Student Set

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littleBits STEAM Student Set
Easy to teach. Fun to use.

  • The STEAM Student Set engages students in STEM/STEAM learning through creating fun inventions
  • Teaching is easy with electronic building blocks that encourage exploration, experimentation and creativity
  • Supports learners in grades 3-8 with 19 Bits and 38 accessories, a 72-page Student Invention Guide with 8 challenges and 10 companion lessons, plus a 100+ page online Teacher’s Guide and Invention Logs
  • Sets you up for 16+ hours of step-by-step STEM/STEAM teaching
  • All lessons, like “Invent an Art Machine” and “Hack Your Classroom”, link to NGSS & Common Core
The STEAM Student Set makes an ideal invention-based learning tool for the classroom

8 invention challenges with Bits & accessories, detailed instructions and companion lessons. 72-page Student Invention Guide for group, educator-led or self-guided learning. 100+ page online Teacher’s Guide with lessons, NGSS/Common Core links, and tips. Printable Invention Logs to guide students' documentation & reflection. Hundreds of lessons and challenges at littlebits.ccc/student-set and on the littleBits app.

4 of 8 fun challenges in the box: Invent a Throwing Arm, Invent a Self-Driving Vehicle, Invent a Security Device, and Invent an Art Machine.

It supports up to 1 - 3 learners in grades 3-8 and includes comprehensive student & teacher guides. Plus you’ll have access to more resources online. Class Packs available for larger classroom sizes.