Introduction to Oxidation/Reduction (Redox) Student Activity

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Introduction to Oxidation/Reduction (Redox) Student Activity
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Properties of Matter Learning Activities in Chemistry
An Excellent Introduction to a Very Important Chemical Concept

  • Explore the exchange of electrons redox reactions
  • Highly visible and safe activity
  • Requires one 50 minutes classroom period to complete
Students place pieces of zinc, lead, and copper in solutions of metallic ions to test their relative reducing ability. Then, they compare and determine the relative oxidizing strength of certain halogen elements: chlorine, bromine, and iodine.

Ordering information: Materials include LAB-AIDSĀ® ChemplatesĀ®, Copper Shot, Lead Shot, Zinc Shot, Droppers, Copper II Nitrate Solution, Lead II Nitrate Solution, Zinc Nitrate Solution, Chlorine Water, Bromine Water, Iodine Solution, Organic Solvent, Sodium Bromide Solution, Sodium Chloride Solution, Sodium Iodide Solution.

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