Kimwipes™ Convenience Packs

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IVF / Embryologist / Trumbull CT
Yes, I recommend
I use it in multiple purpose. It is very useful and great quality product. Very high absorption capacity. No way to replace it.
Reply associate Published 07/24/2017
Thank you!
470224-040PK 145 USD
470224-040 470224-038
Kimwipes™ Convenience Packs
Wipes Disposable Wipes and Towels Wipes for Delicate Tasks
Kimwipes convenience packs are dependable, highly absorbent tissues.

  • Specially designed for lab use
  • Absorb up to 15 times their weight in liquid
Perfect for polishing glassware or cleaning instruments because they will not scratch or deposit lint.

Delivery information: Supplied in handy, pop-up dispensing cartons.

Packaging: Now available in handy convenience packs