Eisco® Economy Sling Psychrometer Kit

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470220-794PK 36.39 USD
Eisco® Economy Sling Psychrometer Kit
Hygrometers Psychrometers
Chart and analyze atmospheric measurements.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Taking measurements is simple and fast
  • Compare indoor and outdoor readings
This kit is assembled by attaching the 2 thermometers to the end of the handle and placing the moisture cloth over the wet bulb. Once assembled the user can swing the apparatus and then read the difference in temperature between the wet-bulb and dry-bulb to determine the relative humidity. After a few minutes spinning the apparatus the user can take the temperature readings and review the psychometric chart to determine relative humidity.

Ordering information: Kit contains (1) Dry Bulb Thermometer, (1) Wet Bulb Thermometer, (1) Handle, (1) Moisture Wick Cloth, (1) Screw, (2) Rubber Bands, and (1) set of instructions with psychometric chart of relative humidity.