EduPrimerTM Alu DNA Profiling Kits

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EduPrimerTM Alu DNA Profiling Kits
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The EduPrimerTM DNA Profiling kit is designed to introduce students to two dimorphic genes in the Alu family.

  • Determine the distribution of two alleles of the Alu genes within your classroom, and across the world
  • Introduce students to DNA isolation, PCR and DNA Electrophoresis
  • Fast and simple protocol for easy integration into biotechnology lessons
The EduPrimerâ„¢ DNA Profiling Kit is designed to introduce students to the principles and applications of PCR, focusing on its real-life use of DNA profiling in forensics and disease research.

Choose between one of two dimorphic genes in the Alu family (TPA-25 or PV92) for a maximum of four shifted DNA bands per student, demonstrating the power of PCR, and teaching the techniques to utilize it.

Ordering information: Kit includes DNA isolation components (lysis buffer/neutralizer), PCR reaction components including master mix (primers and enzymes) and DNA ladder. Kits come with directions to download instructional material and procedures.

Equipment Needed But Not Included: Microcentrifuge, PCR Thermal Cycler, micropipettes and tips, PCR tubes, Microcentrifuge tubes, heat block or water bath, TAE Buffer, DNA Electrophoresis equipment/reagents including transilluminator/light box for analysis.

Delivery information: Kits include perishable materials, please provide a delivery date at check-out.

Packaging: Kits contain reagents only.