Touch Board Starter Set

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Touch Board Starter Set
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Turn the analog world into digital art.

  • Includes instruction manual
  • Electric paint included
  • Comes with a handy storage case
The Touch Board allows users to connect almost any material, object, or space to the digital world. The Touch Board features a row of electrodes that allow users to create 12 unique sensors with any conductive material, including Electric Paint. The board comes pre-programmed to play an audio guide which takes you through board features and setup. No technical ability is required to get started. The Touch Board was designed to work with Electric Paint as a way to turn anything into an interface, making them an incredible platform for innovation.

The Touch Board and Electric Paint are an essential part of every Maker’s toolbox, every educator’s top drawer and every engineer’s lab.

Ordering information: The kit includes 1x Touch Board, 1x 10ml tube of Electric Paint , 1x 50ml jar of Electric Paint, 1x Guidebook, 1 x MicroSD Card, 1 x MicroSD Card Reader, 1 x Micro USB Cable, 1 x Mini Speaker, 1 x House Stencil, 12 x Alligator Clips (colors vary), 12 x Sticky Tabs, 1 x Stencil Brush, 2 x Paper Cutouts, and 3 x Velcro Stickers.