3D Scanner

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470224-830EA 323.19 USD
3D Scanner
Portable and lightweight scanner.

  • Powered by Intel® RealSense™
  • Great affordability
  • Scan with ease
  • Take it wherever you go
  • Scan engine
  • Intel® RealSense™ camera
This lightweight and portable XYZ Handheld 3D Scanner is powered by an Intel® RealSense™ module, which gives it its full-colored scanning ability and a 648x480 at 30 fps scanning resolution that rivals the more expensive handheld scanners on the market. Paired up with USB 3.0 connectivity, the XYZ Handheld Scanner transfers scanning data at high speeds, enabling you to achieve a full scan in minutes.

Powered by Intel® RealSense™ module, the 3D Scanner is fast in both scanning ability and processing speed. It allows for a 3.93 - 27.55 inch operating range with the wide scanning distance of 5.9 - 9.84 inch, and the quality resolution of 640 x 480 at 30FPS.

Use the clip on the back of the 3D Scanner to a tablet, laptop, or any other one of your favorite devices for increased portability.