Ward's® Algae Beads (Scenedesmus sp.)

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Education / lab manager / Lakewood, WA
Yes, I recommend
We've used these for the past few years for photosynthesis and respiration labs and they work well. I've never gotten 200 beads in any of the jars I've received. At best I've gotten 180; usually around 170.
WARD470225-514 SS0274-500ML
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Ward's® Algae Beads (Scenedesmus sp.)
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Plant Learning Activities
Demonstrate photosynthesis and respiration in action with our ready-made algae beads.

  • Let us do the class preparation for you!
  • Our beads are hardy and hold up well to handling by the most inexperienced students
  • Algae balls last at least 1 month under correct storage conditions
  • No complicated media needed, store in deionized or spring water
Simply place beads in Bicarbonate Indicator (also available) and watch the color change as beads move from dark to light environments. Students will love this powerful demonstration of the switch from respiration to photosynthesis, and come up with different ways to speed/slow or even reverse the reaction.

For maximum freshness, place beads in the refrigerator upon receipt. Beads can be reused once or twice by simply rinsing and returning them to the storage jar with fresh deionized or spring water (do not use distilled water)

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