Basic Nuclear Lab System

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Basic Nuclear Lab System
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Designed for high school and college level nuclear science instruction.

  • Available in international versions
The Basic Nuclear Lab System is a complete student station designed for high school and college level nuclear science instruction. The model ST160 is an updated replacement for the older ST150 and incorporates USB technology to connect to IBM compatible computers. The system may be used with or without a computer and consists of a 6-decade scaler/timer with built-in Geiger-Mueller counter, sample positioning tray and 11- piece radiation absorber set.

The system features a large LED display, variable high voltage for plateau measurements, serial interface and cable with software for data transfer to either the PC or Mac, experiment manuals and a set of alpha, beta and gamma radioisotope sources. Data files are stored in spreadsheet compatible format for graphing and manipulation prior to printing.

Pulonium-210 (Po-210), Solid Activity: 0.1µCi, Emission: α,y (half life 138days)
Strontium-90 (Sr-90), Solid Activity: 0.1µCi , Emission: β (half life 29years)
Cobalt-60 (Co-60), Solid Activity 1µCi, Emission: β,y (half life 5.3years)

470220-438 is the same but Cobalt has an activity of 0.5 μCi.

Ordering information: System components include Nuclear Lab Station with STX system software & set of 11 absorbers; USB cable; Set of three sources, Alpha Beta Gamma; and Student Lab Manual and Instructor's Manual on CD.