Intermediate Nuclear Lab System

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Intermediate Nuclear Lab System
Dive deeper into nuclear studies.

  • Includes teacher manual
  • Available in international versions
The Intermediate System is built around the new Radiation Counter and provides the ultimate in nuclear lab systems for studying the characteristics of radiation. Features include preset time, a digital ratemeter with audible beeper and alarm and digitally controlled high voltage. The system includes a large volume Geiger-Mueller detector for improved efficiency, a 10-position sample stand, USB and serial interfaces to PC and Macintosh, software for full computer and data transfer, five radioisotope sources, 20-piece calibrated absorber set, lab manuals on CD and cables.

Operation may be as a stand-alone station or directly from the computer when used. Data files are saved in spreadsheet compatible format for importing in most common spreadsheets allowing the student to perform calculations and graph the results for printing. Software is compatible with Windows 95 and higher and System 7 through System 9 on the Macintosh. (Not all operating systems support USB.)

The unit is equipped with upgraded high voltage and an internal preamplifier allowing operation with optional scintillation detectors for gross gamma counting.

Cs-137 with 5 μCi, Po-210 and Sr-90 with 0.1 μCi activity and the Co-60 and Tl-204 are both 1 μCi.

Ordering information: System includes Radiation Counter with Windows and Macintosh software; GM 35 probe with stand and cable; USB cable for PC or MAC; Set of five sources, Alpha, Beta, Gamma; Set of 20 calibrated absorbers; Nuclear Science Instructors and Student Lab manuals on CD; Supply Specify operating voltage.