Healthy Plants

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Healthy Plants
Educational Materials Environmental Educational Materials Environmental Learning Activities
Designed with Elementary Students in Mind!

  • Aligned to Next Generation science standards (NGSS)
  • Developed for grades 3-5
Designed for older elementary students to help them examine and understand the needs of plants for growth and survival. For the sake of time, the class can be split in thirds, with some students conducting a light/dark experiment, some studying plant nutritional needs, and some studying effects of acid rain. Results will be shared at the end. The kit contains materials for 15 groups.

Ordering information: Kit includes 30 Plastic cups (5oz), 30 Plastic cups (7oz), 60 Bean seeds, 30 Wicks, 1 bag Soil, 1 bag Vermiculite, Nutrient Powder, Acid Rain Solution.

Caution: WARNING CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PART. Not for children under 3 yrs.