Sweep Function Generator 10 MHz

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470227-628EA 662.29 USD
Sweep Function Generator 10 MHz
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These analog function generators offer familiar controls, stable output, and reliable operation at budget-saving price points.

  • 0.1 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Sine, square, triangle, pulse, and ramp output
  • Coarse and fine tuning
  • 5 digit LED display
  • Linear and log sweep
Sweep/Function Generator is a versatile signal source which combines several functions into one unit - waveform generation, pulse generation (through variable symmetry), and frequency sweep. Additionally, the instrument provides the added convenience of a built-in frequency counter. This permits more accurate determination of output frequency than is possible with a simple calibrated dial. Coarse and fine tuning controls permit precision settability of the output frequency. With this versatility, the unit has a vast number of applications in both analog and digital electronics in the engineering, manufacturing, servicing, educational, and hobbyist fields. The heart of the function generator is a VCG (voltage-controlled generator) that produces precision sine, square, or triangle waves over the 0.1Hz to 10MHz range. This encompasses sub audible, audio, ultrasonic, and RF applications. A continuously variable dc offset allows the output to be injected directly into circuits at the correct bias level. The sweep generator offers linear or log sweep with variable sweep rate and adjustable sweep time. Variable symmetry of the output waveform converts the instrument to a pulse generator capable of generating rectangular waves or pulses, ramp or sawtooth waves, and slewed sine waves. In addition to the above features, an external voltage may be used to control operating frequency. This is useful in situations where an externally controlled frequency is desirable.