Maker Kit Simple Machines

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470229-230KT 104.03 USD
Maker Kit Simple Machines
The perfect K'NEX solution for your Maker Space, featuring 22 simple machine models!

  • Perfect Maker Space solution
  • 22 different simple machine models
  • 3 individual instructions books
  • Build up to 3 models at the same time
  • 590+ parts
  • Reusable storage bin with dividers
Education's Maker Kit Simple Machines comes with 590+ K'NEX parts, including rods and connectors in classic scale that are made in the USA. 22 unique simple machine models can be built from the kit - including gears, levers, pulleys, wheels and axles and more! 3 individual instructions books are included so students can build up to 3 models at the same time. Once they learn the basic principles of how each simple machine works, your budding makers can use the parts to design and create their own DIY contraptions! The set comes in a reusable bin with dividers for easy, organized storage.