Swift M3601 Series Microscope and Camera Bundles

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M3601C-USB M3601C-WF2
470229-760EA 943.99 USD
470229-760 470229-752
Swift M3601 Series Microscope and Camera Bundles
Now with built-in camera port, these bundles includes a digital camera and video C-mount adapter.

  • LED light rated up to 50,000 hours of life, illumination equal to a 20 watt tungsten bulb
  • Single 8 hour charge allows up to 50 hours of use
Introducing a new look to the flagship model of the Swift Optical education line. The Swift M3600C Series continues the Swift tradition for innovation, now available in a rechargeable, cordless model. Built-in handle, variable LED illumination and lead-free objectives are just some of the state-of-the-art features that makes this series in a class of its own. Ideal for high school students and advanced grade levels.

Base dimensions: 235 x 151 mm (91/4 x 6")
Height: 362 mm (141/4")