Neulog Light Kit

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470229-972KT 46 USD
Neulog Light Kit
Data Loggers
Hardware for performing NeuLog experiments related to light.

  • Colored light
  • Absorption and reflection of light by different objects
  • Shadows
  • Light intensity and distance
  • Absorption of UV light
The Neulog Light Kit (sensors NOT included) provides all of the necessary tools to study colored light, absorption and reflection of light by different objects, shadows, light intensity and distance, and absorption of UV light by different sunscreens.

Ordering information: Required sensors (not included): Neulog Light sensor, Neulog voltage sensor.

Delivery information: Includes photovoltaic cell, two microscope slides, utility stand, right angle clamp, extension clamp, ruler, sellotape, four colored flashlights (colorless, blue, green, and red), four colored filters (colorless, blue, green, and red), white paper, black.

Caution: For educational use only.