Neulog Mechanics Kit

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470229-976KT 191.45 USD
Neulog Mechanics Kit
Data Loggers
Hardware for performing NeuLog experiments related to mechanics.

  • Great tool to allow an in depth and hands on learning experience for students
  • Required Neulog sensors are NOT included
  • Sensors required: NUL213, NUL211, NUL209, NUL226, NUL214
  • Optional components: Battery module, Sensors for light, UVB, UVA and relative humidity logging
Classical mechanics is the study of bodies in motion (and at rest), under the action of a system of forces, according to general principles that were first stated in the seventeenth century. Classical mechanics was the first branch of physics that was developed. It has important applications in other branches of physics and also in other areas of science such as astronomy, chemistry, biology, geology and engineering. 

Ordering information: Required sensors (not included): NUL213, NUL211, NUL209, NUL226, NUL214. Optional components: Battery module, UVB, UVA and relative humidity logging sensors.

Caution: For educational use only.