Neulog rf Communication Modules, Set 2

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Neulog rf Communication Modules, Set 2
Data Loggers
Use to connect NeuLog sensors to your computer via radio frequency.

  • Pack of two
  • Communication modules
  • Frequency of 2.4 GHz DSSS (Direct-sequence spread spectrum)
  • Bit rate of 1 Mbps
NeuLog radio frequency (RF) communication module is used for wireless transmission between a single sensor or a chain of sensors and a PC (sensors and PC sold separately). The communication module provides remote operation for field experiments, and allows the linking of additional single or chains of sensors when two or more modules are used. The module connects directly to any display unit (graphic or digital), or to a PC via the USB-200 USB module for ease of use, and requires the BAT-200 battery module for operation (display unit and modules sold separately). The module is delivered in a pack of one pair, and is suitable for grade 3 and higher, or ages 10 to 21.