Neulog Utility Accessories Kit

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470229-988KT 204.95 USD
Neulog Utility Accessories Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Collection of hardware for doing experiments with NeuLog Sensors.

  • All in one kit!
The Utility Accessories Kit allows for a wide variety of topics to be studied. Equip labs with all of the basics needed to carry out numerous scientific experiments, all in one kit!

Ordering information: Includes Utility stand, right angle clamp, extension clamp, black and red crocodile clip cables, 4 safety goggles, 12 pasteur pipettes, 4 boiling stones, burette, alcohol lamp, four 50ml beakers, 100ml conical flask, 40 cotton pads, 50ml syringe, carbon pencil, aluminum foil strip, iron nail, copper cable, wash bottle, scissors, ruler, six 18x150mm tubes, 6 perforated caps, funnel, plastic container, sellotape, 6 sample containers, dialysis tubing, black marker, 250ml beaker, 2 clips, 10ml graduated cylinder, tube rack.

Caution: For educational use only.