Demonstration Induction Coil

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470230-296EA 51.2 USD
Demonstration Induction Coil
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
High quality demonstration induction coil.

  • Both coils fitted with 4 mm sockets for easy use with standard banana plugs
  • Magnetic iron core is 160 mm in length and 15 mm in dia.
  • RoHS compliant and built to last
Primary coil constructed of enameled copper wire, approximate resistance 0.5 Ohms wound on tube with length of 110 x 30 mm in diameter. Secondary coil fits outside primary coil. Coil is constructed of fine enameled copper wire with an approximate resistance of 100 Ohms. Coil is wound on a cylinder with the dimensions 120 mm in length x 82 mm in diameter.

This high quality demonstration induction coil(s) are perfect for showing Faraday's law or incorporating into a bench top research experiment. The set includes 2 nesting coils and cylindrical bar magnet.