Density Set, Polypropylene, Set 12

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470230-048EA 65.75 USD
Density Set, Polypropylene, Set 12
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Properties of Matter Learning Activities in Physics
Set of 12 Polypropylene bars of different length but the same diameter.

  • 12 Rods varying in length from 1.5" to 2.625"
  • To determine the density of the material the student plots mass versus volume and the slope therefore is the density (mass per unit volume). Students will need to do all measurements themselves so a balance and ruler are required
  • Base is made from a durable wood coated for years of use
  • Machined from top quality raw materials to produce accurate results and durability of decades of use
A classic experiment for young minds to demonstrate the density does not change regardless of volume and shape. Polypropylene Density Set, 12 Rods, Varying Length with Holder.