Friction Block with Hook

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470230-068EA 10.95 USD
Friction Block with Hook
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Friction blocks are useful for teaching the basics of force and motion.

  • Wooden friction block with c-hook attached at the terminus
  • Use with a spring scale to measure force and mass - all the numbers you need to solve a variety of motion and force problems
  • Hands-on, economic tool for teaching fundamental concepts in physics
  • Students of any age can learn using the friction block
  • Manufactured in the US
This wooden friction block is perfect for introductory studies in force and motion. The block is fitted with a c-hook so that it can be attached to a spring scale. Slide the block along a flat surface, or pull it up an incline. Observe the block by itself, or add weights to the top. When used in a tandem with a spring scale, the friction block is a powerful tool for learning about friction, kinetic and potential energy, acceleration, and force. This block is sourced and manufactured in the United States.