Ward’s® LC-8 Laboratory Centrifuge

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Ward’s® LC-8 Laboratory Centrifuge
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Perfect for your Laboratory Application.

  • Digital speed control (400 to 3500 or 5000 rpm)
  • Safety lid-lock
  • Unique air flow design that reduces increase in sample temperature
  • 8 tube capacity accepts tubes ranging from 5 mL to 15 mL
  • 20 second to 99 minute timer
  • 2 year warranty
The LC-8 laboratory centrifuge is uniquely designed to meet a wide range of applications in both the clinical and research laboratory. An eight position rotor is included and designed to directly accept 10 mL and 15 mL test-tubes (conical or round bottom), while optional adapters are also available for use with all popular sizes of blood collection and culture tubes. Unlike most compact centrifuges in this class, the rotor can be easily removed from the chamber for cleaning.

The back-lit, liquid crystal display provides full control over the set run time and rotational speed. The rotational speed can be set/viewed in rpm or rcf and acceleration/deceleration levels can be easily adjusted in the advanced settings mode.

To ensure safety, the digital microprocessor ensures that the lid has been closed and that the safety lid lock is engaged prior to starting a centrifugation cycle. In addition, an advanced imbalanced detection system constantly monitors the balance and vibration, automatically bringing the rotor to a stop if an imbalance is detected.





Item # Description Unit Availability Price Quantity
470230-622 Adapters for rotor 470317-224, Holds 8×5 - 7 ml Tubes
Pack of 8 Retrieving
470230-624 - Pack of 4 Retrieving