Aspire Laboratory Aspirator

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Aspire Laboratory Aspirator
Pumps Vacuum Aspiration Systems
Ideal choice for a wide range of laboratory aspirating applications.

  • Perfect for removal of media from tissue culture vessels or plate and supernatants
  • Built-in vacuum pump
  • Safe and precise aspiration
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable vacuum pressure
  • Vacuum gauge
The AccurisTM ASPIRETM Laboratory Aspirator incorporates a quiet, maintenance-free pump inside a sturdy, yet compact base. The vacuum pressure is fully adjustable, with a conveniently located pressure gauge that displays the vacuum level at all times. An ergonomic, hand held vacuum controller is included, and comfortable in the hand during prolonged use. Using the index finger, the user can easily press the button to apply the vacuum. The controller accepts Pasteur pipettes, serological pipettes, and also comes with two single channel adapters. One adapter is designed to accommodate 200ul pipette tips, the other has a fine, stainless steel capacity for fine control when aspirating from narrow vessels.

The collection bottle incorporates a reliable overflow protection valve that closes off the tube to the vacuum in the event of a full bottle. In addition, the replaceable in-line filter protects the vacuum pump from contaminants and any moisture that comes through the bottle. Graduations on the collection bottle indicate the amount of fluid collected and when it's ready to be emptied.

Comes complete with a base with internal vacuum pump, 2 Liter, polycarbonate collection bottle, Antibacterial/Hydrophotic filter, Silicone tubing, handheld vacuum controller, adapter for 200 mL pipette tips, and fine stainless steel, 40mm adapter.